The chaos called my mind

Two Gemini’s

I’ve always found other Gemini’s annoying till now. Till I met the man I am currently with. He is probably one of my best relationships so far. Hope I can see where this goes in the future


taping mistletoe to my butt so you can all kiss my ass

Via paula dean is my hero nigga

most accurate traits of the signs


Aries: expressive af

Taurus: lowkey af

Gemini: changeable af

Cancer: whiny af

Leo: self-centered af

Virgo: opinionated af

Libra: indecisive af

Scorpio: outspoken af

Sagittarius: careless af

Capricorn: detached af

Aquarius: inconsistent af

Pisces: selfless af

Via psychocandy

See a hot guy

  • Me: I wonder what music he listens to
Via psychocandy


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